*at Jaber Al ahmed Cultural Centre  - February 2017

*at Abdulhussain Abdulredha Theatre - March 2017

From the Mythology of Ancient Greece
to the Ikaros of the Arabian Gulf

There is trouble on the Island of Ikara, the idyllic home to a peaceful population and the sacred gazelles of the Goddess Artemis. When the fleet of the Seleucid army ( successors of the Alexander the Great), arrive carrying an engraved stele with new legislations, a rift occurs in the lives of the islanders. Divided between those who welcome the troops and those who oppose the rule of foreign ‘invaders’ ;
The island is never the same again.
Among the fierce opponents is Thaer, who is consumed by jealousy, as a romance blossoms between the Seleucid General, Anaxarsos, and Nawras, the daughter of Ikara’s Governor.

Transporting the Mythology of Ancient Greece to the waters of the Arabian Gulf, Ikara combines the beauty of myth with the power of storytelling.

Ikara, the performance is inspired by the Greek Hellenistic period of the early third century B.C in Failaka island, the play evokes the ancient archeological and cultural history of Kuwait.


The performance will take place for its second run in March at Abdul Hussain Abdulredha Theatre - Kuwait. For more information please go to - TICKET BOOKING